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MIto Week Day Five: AUs

Wasn’t planing on posting anything more today, but doodled this and figured why the heck not. ‘Cause rocket launchers are cool.

And I’m out.

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what if temari has a tan line from her headband tho….what if


Anon asked for Hyuuga Hinata in #9

CONGRATS YOU’RE THE FIRST ONE WHO ASKED FOR PALETTE 9 so u actually receive palette 9

I read that Hinata is physically the strongest person in naruto, canonically so yeah Hinata “DO YOU EVEN LIFT” Hyuuga in #9 for anon

baby: t..t-t
mom: tap?? tat??
baby: t-t-t..
baby: Twelve years ago, a Nine-Tail Fox suddenly appeared...If you believe it! Naruto! Naruto! Believe it! Believe it! Here I am with my Ninja Clan! Ninja Clan, here we stand! Naruto, I'm on my way, Naruto, I'll be okay! Getting ready to fight on set! Come on best friends by my side! Sasuke, is really cool! Sakura, the beautiful! Kowagaruna NarutoSaoto mamore

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“When people are protecting something truly special to them, they truly can become…as strong as they can be.”

Masashi Kishimoto, Naruto, Vol. 21: Pursuit; カカシ班

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